Braided Wrap Bracelet

An easy triple wrap braided bracelet that can be customized to suit your style.


I love the look of this braided triple wrap bracelet. Of course it could also be done as a single wrap. The above bracelet was made using 1mm leather.

This is an easy project that can be done in under an hour. Use your imagination for both the centrepiece and the cord and this bracelet would be suitable for the beach or for a night out.


6 strands of cord cut to 30 inches each (best suited for cord 1mm thickness or under). I used 20lb hemp.
1 ring for centrepiece (use your imagination here)
2 cord ends (either the fold over or glue in types will work)
1 clasp of your choosing (I used a lobster clasp and ring, but a toggle would work well too)
Jumprings to fasten clasp to cord ends
A clipboard works well to hold cords while you braid


Take three cords, find the middle and do a larks head knot onto center ring.



Take the remaining three cords and repeat on other side of center ring.


You will now have six strands of cord on each side. Fasten one end (near the center ring) to your clipboard and split cord into three groups of two cords.

Before you begin braiding, measure the length of three loose wraps around your wrist (as you would want to wear a bracelet - not too tight). Subtract from this measurement the diameter of the center ring and about an inch for your clasp and this will be the total length of your braided cord. My triple wrapped wrist measurement equaled 21”. I subtracted 1” for the clasp and 1” for my center ring, which left me with 19”. Divide that by 2 and that will be the length you want to braid each side.

You can make a mark on a piece of paper taped to your clipboard to make it easy for you to know when you’ve reached the desired length. (I forgot to do this and struggled with a tape measure instead).


Begin braiding - just a simple braid using two strands of cord. Keeping the cords flat as you go will help you create a really neat looking braid.


When your braided cord is the right length, hold onto the braided end so that it doesn’t unravel and clip the ends of the cord leaving enough to fit into your cord ends. Fasten or glue your cord end on.

Repeat the braiding and fasten your cord end onto the other end of your bracelet.


Attach your clasp to the cord ends using jump rings.


And you’re done! A simple and fun summer bracelet.


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